General Information

This is a matching speeds competition/race, in which you begin from a standing start and go either 1/2 or 1 or 1.25 mile.  We will try to give all entrants 4 or 5 runs, time & weather permitting.

Entry fee is:  $250 per entry, $20 per navigator (optional) if received prior to April 1, 2022.  Entry fee for entries received from April 1- May 13th is $275.  Entry deadline is May 30, 2022.  You must have past experience in racing of some sort, ie… drag racing, road racing, track, or you can take a driving class through MPH in Hastings, NE  (details below)

This event takes place between I-80 Utica Exit #366 and Cordova, NE.

Register and pay online at the same time on this site.

The event is filled on a first come first to fill entries received.  Please review the qualifications for you and your car.

The Big Blue Mile Shootout is proud to be able to work in conjunction with Motorsports Park Hastings MPH to help those who would like to attend racing events or simply want to drive their car the way it was built to be driven.  If you would like to participate in The Big Blue Mile Shootout and do not have any experience, you can go to the site below to register for a class that will help you to better understand and drive your car.

Please include a BIO about yourself and your experience.  This will be listed in our souvenir booklets available in Cordova prior to the event start and also at the spectator site during the event.