Super Charged Sponsor


Programs – Your business name & logo in the programs that will be available to spectators.
T-Shirts – Your business logo or name on all event t-shirts made for the public.
Banner advertisement – your banner (you provide) will be displayed at spectator site for all to see, minimum of 1 week along race road.
Booth spot – Your business can have a booth spot in downtown Cordova all morning of event.
1 MILE START LINE FLAG – Your business ad flag at the 1 mile start line. (you provide)
UPPER WINDOW AD – Your business name on the top of the rear window of all event cars.

Personal Exposure – The opportunity to have 1 person ride in one of the registered event cars on an exhibition run to “kick race off.”
Visual Exposure – You may place a shade tent with you LOGO on it for everyone to see and spectators to utilize and appreciate.
Social Media Exposure – Your business will be blasted out on social media when you sponsor the event in addition to event being Facebook Live
DJ announcements – The DJ at the event will repeatedly announce your business as a sponsor throughout the event.
Door Prizes – can be donated – your company name will be announced and “plugged” every time one is given away to a spectator.
Website exposure – your business will be recognized as class sponsor on website and shall remain there for 10 months minimum.